Launch the Explorer 2.0


With the Explorer, the Conservation Lands Network is accessible to anyone, regardless of access to or skill in GIS.

The Network

Explore the Conservation Lands Network, including priority lands and streams, rarity rankings, protected lands, climate information, and more.

Habitat Connectivity

The Explorer allows you to see where critical wildlife linkages cross the landscape in all Bay Area Counties.

Your Area of Interest

You can draw or upload the boundary of an area of interest to explore its natural resources and conservation value. In CLN 2.0, you can view information from numerous datasets, and generate a detailed Conservation Portfolio Report with detailed information about the biodiversity and conservation values of that area.


The Conservation Lands Network uses the best available data for the region, but the data and GIS may be inconsistent and incomplete in some instances. This is in part due to the coarse scale of a regional study area. The CLN identifies areas that may be suitable for protection of habitats and rare landscapes at a regional level, but in most cases—and particularly when considering conservation actions for areas less than 100 acres—site visits and biological surveys are essential.