The CLN is a regional conservation strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area, with a set of goals and science-based decisionmaking tools that support strategic investments in land protection and stewardship. These tools focus conservation in areas that represent the region’s biodiversity and support ecological function across the nearly 5 million acres that comprise the 10 Bay Area counties.
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Conserve 2.5M acres of priority lands by the year 2050.

Conserve rare, diverse, and irreplaceable landscapes throughout the Bay Area.

Conserve and steward rare and irreplaceable landscapes.

Conserve at least 90% of Rank 1 habitats.

Conserve at least 75% of Rank 2 habitats.

Conserve at least 50% of Rank 3 habitats.

Conserve and steward core habitats and the lands that connect them.

CLN 2.0 defines 36 landscape units, subregions of the Bay Area based on physiographic features such as mountain ranges and valley bottoms. To incorporate ecological variability, the CLN sets goals for each vegetation type within each landscape unit where it occurs.

Conserve large, contiguous habitat blocks.

Conserve linkage areas.

Conserve and steward a regional network of streams, wetlands, ponds, seeps and associated wetland, riparian, and upland areas.

Conserve priority 1 and 2 streams.

Conserve natural landcover within stream valleys.

Conserve ponds.

Steward all lands to maintain ecological and hydrological processes that support ecosystem function and resilience.

Conserve groundwater recharge zones within the planning watersheds of fish-bearing streams.

Conserve headwater source areas.